What are Restylane® Skinboosters™?

Enhance skin’s smoothness and elasticity.

Improving the look and feel of your skin has never been easier than with Restylane® SkinboostersTM.

Restylane® SkinboostersTM help to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by utilizing a special form of hyaluronic acid, which enhances skin’s smoothness and elasticity.

Restylane® SkinboostersTM are available in two types: Vital and Vital Light.

Restylane® SkinboostersTM Vital can be used on the face, the backs of your hands and other select body parts for plumping, hydrating, and smoothing.

Restylane® SkinboostersTM Vital Light is ideal for sensitive skin areas on your neck and décolletage.

How It Works

Refreshed skin with long-lasting results.

Restylane® recommends the following protocols for their two types of Skinboosters™:

Restylane® Skinboosters™

Initially: 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart

Maintenance treatment: Every 6 months

Restylane® Skinboosters™ Vital Light

Initially: 3 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart

Maintenance treatment: Every 4-6 months



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use Restylane® Skinboosters™?

Restylane® SkinboostersTM can be injected into the face (lower cheek and jawline,) upper neck and into the backs of the hands.

How are Restylane® Skinboosters™ performed?

Restylane® SkinboostersTM are administered through micro-injections with either a micrco-needling device or a needle and syringe.

How long will my results last?

Clinical studies conducted by Restylane® indicate that results can last up to 6 months.

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Still have a question?

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