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What is OxyGeneo™?

Exfoliate. Infuse. Oxygenate.

OxyGeneo™ delivers three types of results in one facial. You can experience the exfoliation benefits of microdermabrasion. The infusion step offers deep facial rejuvenation from essential and revitalizing nutrients. The oxygenation step heals the skin from within. It is suitable for all skin types, even for those with keloid (scar) who cannot get abrasion treatments.

OxyGeneo™ offers superior anti-aging results by treating the skin from a deeper level. Professionals are calling it “better than microdermabrasion.” You can expect the following results:

  • Skin Plumping & Hydrating
  • Restored Skin Volume
  • Renewed Youthful Glow
  • Increased Collagen
  • Reduced hyper-pigmentation
  • Improved Skin Cell Production
  • Reduced Appearance of Wrinkles

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How It Works

For highest patient demands, tailored for each case


OxyGeneo™ exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead skin cells. This primes the skin to receive active nutrients. Exfoliation smoothes the skin and helps in the skin renewal process. The OxyGeneo™ exfoliation process is safe on all skin tones and sensitivities.


OxyGeneo™ uses Capsugen, an exclusive nutrient-rich and active gel. It is infused into the skin. There are two Capsugens available: NeoRevive™ and NeoBright™. NeoRevive™ is for rejuvenation and anti-aging while NeoBright™ is for brightening and texture improvement.


OxyGeneo™ produces CO2 bubbles that gently burst on the skin surface. This creates a physiological response, sending oxygen-rich blood to the area. The boost in blood flow to the skin capillaries increases the skin metabolism. Oxygenation also ensures optimal absorption of active ingredients from the infusion step.


Frequently Asked Questions

OxyGeneo™ is safe for all skin types, even those that are sensitive or scarred. It offers results beyond what microdermabrasion can do alone.

OxyGeneo™ can offer the following benefits: Skin Plumping & Hydrating, Restored Skin Volume, Renewed Youthful Glow, Increased Collagen, Reduced hyper-pigmentation, Improved Skin Cell Production, and Reduced Appearance of Wrinkles.

OxyGeneo™ works in three steps: Exfoliation, Infusion, and Oxygenation. First, the exfoliation primes the skin for the nutrients, while improving the skin texture. Second, the infusion processes uses an active gel called Capsugens to suit your specific skin needs. Lastly, the oxygenation increases blood flow to the skin and ensures optimal absorption of the Capsugen. Read the How it works section for more details.

NeoRevive™ and NeoBright™ are two specialized Capsugen formulas to treat specific skin conditions. The NeoRevive™ smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and revitalizes dull complexion. It includes hyaluronic acid, peptides, and retinol. NeoBright™ reduces skin pigmentation and reverse sun damage while lightening the skin complexion. It contains azelaic acid, kojic acid, and retinol.

The appointment is an hour long.

OxyGeneo™ has no downtime. You skin will feel and look great right after treatment. You can schedule OxyGeneo™ on the same day as an important event, and its effect will be visible during the event.

OxyGeneo™ treatments feel like a refreshing and comfortable massage. It is a soothing and relaxing procedure, and many clients tend to fall asleep. Very sensitive skin types may feel a slightly warm sensation during the first part of the treatment.

Two Specialized Formulas

Different Formulas to Treat Specific Skin Conditions

NeoBright Formula

NeoBright reduces skin pigmentation and sun damage while lightening the skins complexion.

Azelaic Acid = Even Pigmentation

Azelaic Acid is a well-known agent that is used to treat skin hyper pigmentation conditions that decreases the activity of pigment-producing cells.

Kojic Acid = Skin Lightening

Kojic Acid is a naturally occurring agent produced by fungi which inhibits Melanin production. When combined with Azelaic acid, there is a synergistic lightening and bleaching effect.

Retinol = Anti-Aging

A derivative of Vitamin A, Retinol has been clinically proven to increase collagen and skin cell production. It is also known as one of the best anti-aging solutions

NeoRevive Formula

NeoRevive smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and revitalizes dull complexion.

Hyaluronic acid = Wrinkle Reduction

Naturally produced by the body and responsible for fluid retention and skin moisturizing, as we age, the body’s capacity to produce Hyaluronic Acid decreases. This results in thinner, dryer and wrinkled skin. By infusing Hyaluronic acid, the skin is able to regain lost moisture and volume, thereby reducing wrinkles.

Peptides = Skin Repair

Peptides are small protein fragments which strengthen the skin’s ability to retain fluids. Combined with Hyaluronic Acid, a synergetic effect of dermal repair is created.

Retinol = Collegen Renewal

A derivative of vitamin A, Retinol has been clinically provide to increase collagen and skin cell production. It is known as one of the best anti-wrinkle solutions.

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