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4 dimensional age-repair code
12 ml
For All Skin Type
Repairs fine lines around eyes
Reduces puffiness and dark circles
Rejuvenates cells
Retains moisture & promote elasticity

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Normal to Dry

Active anti-oxidant
Revitalizes skin layers
Rebuilds hydrolipid layer

Active Ingredients

Matryxil/Matryxil 3000, Defensil®, OPC-grape seed oil extract, Cupuacu butter, Desaron, Argan oil, Avocado oil, Phytosan

An essential rich moisturiser, Re-vital combines argan oil, OPC (a potent free radical scavenger and antioxidant) and Matryxil, to firm and revitalise your skin. Re-vital rebuilds the skin’s hydrolipid layer and protects cells against damage. Its emulsion technology increases the effects of bdr serums that have already been applied. „Reversive Ageing“ leaves your skin visibly younger.

In spite of its richness, the cream is beautifully light and silky, and is quickly absorbed, making it an ideal make-up base. Re-vital is suitable as a day or night cream.



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