I’m Losing My Hair… Help!

We’ve seen the mullet, the perm, the ‘Rachel’, the fluffed and feathered, the hightop, the pixie cut, and many many more hairstyles throughout the years. While some of these looks have gone out of style, what hasn’t gone out of style is a full head of hair!  *Before I continue, I would also like to […]

Sold out BeYOUtiful: Inside & Out event sees lovely ladies dressed in white

We can’t believe that it has been over one month since our amazing BeYOUtiful: Inside & Out event! This was the first time that Wilderman Medical Cosmetic Clinic, Wilderman Medical Clinic, Accurate Imaging Diagnostics, and Bloomth Female Wellness came together to celebrate beauty, cosmetics, and girl power. We are very proud of this event and […]

Hyperpigmentation: What The skin condition is and how you treat it

Hyperpigmentation-Medical Wilderman Cosmetic Clinic

Even skin pigmentation is something everyone wants. However, the added challenge of hiding skin conditions like hyperpigmentation can ruin your plans for the perfect look. Covering dark patches of skin is possible with makeup products like concealer. However, this coverage is temporary and many people wonder how they can have long-lasting, beautiful, and evenly toned […]

Sagging Skin: Why you have it and what to do about it


Sagging skin and wrinkles are common beauty problems with no simple and long-term solutions. One reason your skin begins to drop is due to age levels of collagen production. Why do I have sagging skin? Collagen is a necessary element for healthy looking skin as it helps the skin maintain strength and elasticity. As you […]

Laser hair removal: Are you a good candidate? Find out now!

 The annoyance of unwanted hair removal knows no bounds. Frequently, women begin experimenting with different methods of removing unwanted body and facial hair in elementary school. While some ladies prefer to shave or wax areas like their legs and underarms, others use products like depilatory creams. However, all of these undesirable hair removal techniques […]