What is Venus Freeze?

Are you after a noticeably younger-looking appearance?

Venus Freeze done at the Medical Cosmetic Clinic provides clients with a surgery-free alternative to a younger look. A Venus Freeze is an anti-aging treatment that helps tighten the skin and acts to reduce and diminish the sign of wrinkles. As people age, the skin naturally produces less collagen, leading to a dull and noticeably aged look. Venus Freeze uses technology to reverse the natural aging process and helps directly boost collagen production. The results of Venus Freeze treatment are a refreshed, relaxed look that leaves you with a fresh, youthful look.

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How it works

Venus Freeze works by using radio frequency and electromagnetic fields in combination with one another. These two seperate technologies work together to heat the underlying tissue under the surface of the treated skin. This heat produced helps the body produce collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. This production of collagen and fibers results in skin that is firmer and smoother, and leaves you looking noticeably younger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about your Venus Freeze™ treatment

The ideal candidate for a Venus Freeze is someone who’s skin is beginning to lose elasticity and they are beginning to show signs of lines and wrinkles.

The number of required sessions depends on the patient and their skin type and/or condition. However, 6-8 sessions is the required amount of sessions on average to achieve desired results.

The treatment is not painful at all, and some even describe it as comforting. A Venus Freeze has been compared to types of facial massages and patients report being relaxed enough to fall asleep during the treatment

There is no required aftercare following a Venus Freeze and you are able to return to your daily schedule immediately following your session. You are even able to directly apply makeup to the face following your treatment.

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