Hair Growth Technology

Laser hair regrowth treatment is the most effective solution for hair loss and hair thinning. The theradome laser helmet gives you clinical strength results from the comfort of home. Hair loss treatment no longer has to be a burden and easily fits into your daily routine.

What is Theradome?

Effortless and Convenient Hair Regrowth Treatment

Theradome combines science, medicine, and technology to provide a solution for hair loss. This cordless helmet harnesses the power of laser light therapy and turns on with the click of a button.

The Theradome helmet is available in-clinic or for purchase!

How it works?

Theradome Laser Hair Growth Science Merged in Four Brilliant Principles

Coherent red laser light is used to penetrate the scalp and reach your hair follicle. Treating the base of the hair follicle allows for the mitochondria (the power house of your cells) to be stimulated, resulting in cell energy needed by your hair follicles. 

Red light is crucial to hair loss laser therapy as it can penetrate deep enough to your hair follicles. Theradome’s lasers harness red light power at a wavelength of 680nm, which is ideal for hair loss therapy. 

Theradome follows strict guidelines for how much energy it emits during a session. In accordance with the Swedish Laser Medical Society, Theradome’s optimal energy dosage improves the overall density and quality of your hair while accelerating hair regrowth.

20 minutes a day is all you need. This amount of time ensures the light therapy reaches the base of your hair follicle at the optimal energy dose.

What to expect

Three Easy Steps to Great Theradome Results

Always come in for a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for the Theradome hair growth helmet.

Step 1.

Consider these questions before booking your appointment with us:

  • Do you have any medical conditions?
  • What is causing your hair loss? 
  • What is your current scalp routine?
  • How far along is your hair loss?
  • Are you on hair loss medication?
  • What about hair restoration surgery?

Step 2.

Tracking your progress is very important and the best way to do that is with pictures. For best results, stay consistent with lighting, background and positioning, no camera flash, set the camera to auto-focus, use natural lighting, and if possible enlist a friend or family member to help take the photo.

Step 3.

Use your Theradome helmet 2x week for 20 minutes

Results are unbelievable and you’ll gain back your confidence. All it takes is two 20 minute sessions per week. Use it while watching TV or working from home. Theradome helmet can easily blend in with your current daily routine.

What is bdr?

Outstanding results for every complexion

bdr (or Beauty Defect Repair) is a one of a kind German Medical Beauty Concept designed for all skin types and works for a variety of skin problems.

Bdr’s Compact system features specially designed handpieces with interchangeable sterile applicators. The Compact assists in delivering bdr’s professional, medical grade products, which penetrate deep within the skin to infuse it with essential vitamins and key ingredients necessary for a clear and glowing complexion.

The combination of innovative technology and professional products featured in a single bdr treatment creates an outstanding skincare result. bdr is especially recommended for treatment of the following skin conditions:

  • Dehydrated, dry skin and skin in need of regeneration
  • Sun damaged, calloused skin
  • Sensitive and immune compromised skin
  • Impure, oily or acne-prone skin (also for mature acne)
  • Scars and wrinkles
  • Tissue weakness
  • Age-controlling care

How It Works

Deep cleansing, exfoliation and skin brightening.

While some products may vary depending on your specific skin condition, each bdr treatment session includes these important steps listed below. In addition, each step features one or more of bdr’s signature handpieces with sterile applicators that focus on microcirculation, dermabrasion, microneedling and/or microstimulation.


1. Cleansing

Your bdr specialist will begin by removing the impurities on the surface of your skin with Re-move or Re-move PH, which are designed for a gentle and deep clean.

2. Exfoliation

Dead skin cells are removed with the help of bdr’s Re-action. This smoothes the skin and helps to prepare it to absorb the next steps of the treatment.

3. Serums

A variety of fantastic serums are available for your skin’s unique needs. Your skincare specialist will be able to choose from serums like Re-charge for a rejuvenating boost of freshness. Other available serums include Re-fine and Re-lax, which is perfect for sensitive skin and features anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.

4. Care and Protection

In this step, Re-vital, which is an age repairing emulsion, and Re-flect (a sun protection product) are used in combination with other bdr products to prepare and protect your skin from impurities.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between lasers and LEDS for hair growth?

Lasers are monochromatic which means they have a single-color wavelength. LEDs are inexpensive and easy to make and can often be seen in electronic equipment as an ON and OFF indicator. Lasers meet scientific standards and achieve hair growth results that LEDs could never achieve LED light spreads out and doesn’t have the narrow focus and follicle penetration that medical grade lasers do, making it way less effective.

The quality of hair growth lasers is more important than the quantity of them. Theradome’s medical grade lasers deliver 5x more dosage than caps containing 200-300 lasers. Our proprietary VL680 lasers are made in the US at the superior wavelength of 680 nanometers. This means that we can get much deeper and stimulate the hair follicle 2.5x more than at 650 nm so you can achieve faster and much better results for keeping and growing your hair back.

Theradome hair growth lasers penetrate up to 5 mm into the scalp with cool lasers that deliver a continuous optimum dosage throughout each 20-minute treatment session.

How will I benefit from Theradome laser hair treatment?

In our clinical studies, ALL participants benefited from using the Theradome laser hair growth helmets and experienced one or more of the following:

  1. A minimization and slowing down of hair loss
  2. A doubling of hair follicle size for existing hair
  3. New hair growth.
How long until I see results?

Step 1: (4 – 18 weeks) Minimizing hair loss by slowing it down.

Step 2: (18 – 26 weeks) Reversing miniaturization by thickening existing hair.

Step 3: (26 – 52 weeks) Renewing and growing new hair.

Individual results may vary based on several factors including your current stage of hair loss, current health, possible existence of underlying medical conditions, and your genetics.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is bdr safe?

Each bdr client receives single-use, sterile applicator tips to use with the Compact’s handpieces that are disposed of after each treatment. Using disposable applicators ensures the highest level of sterility.

Can I buy the bdr skincare line?

bdr’s home skincare product system is available for purchase at Wilderman Medical Cosmetic Clinic.


What skin conditions is bdr good for?

Bdr is especially recommended for treatment of the following skin conditions:

  • Dehydrated, dry skin and skin in need of regeneration
  • Sun damaged, calloused skin
  • Sensitive and immune compromised skin
  • Impure, oily or acne-prone skin (also for mature acne)
  • Scars and wrinkles
  • Tissue weakness
  • Age-controlling care
How old do I have to be for bdr treatment?

Bdr is safe for any age. However, we recommend over the age of 12.

How long is one bdr treatment?

Depending on your skin type and desired treatment, one session can last from 30 minutes to over one hour.

How many bdr treatments do I need to see results?

You will see results after your first bdr treatment. However, it is recommended to follow a treatment course for best results. For example, one course of treatment may be scheduled once a week for five weeks. Then, monthly treatments are recommended for maintenance as well as using bdr skincare products at home.

Severe cases of acne may require one treatment a week for 10-weeks in the beginning.

Is there any downtime?

There is little to no downtime after a bdr treatment, however, we don’t recommend wearing makeup immediately following a session. After 24 hours, you can resume your normal activities like wearing makeup and going to the gym.

Is bdr a painful treatment?

Multiple handpieces with sterile applicators are used during a single bdr session. The first feels like a vibrating massage and the second may have 0.5mm or 1mm needles for epidermal injections. While the applicator is inserting bdr products like nourishing serums beneath the surface of the skin, the handpiece vibrates to make the process feel like a tingling massage.

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Still have a question?

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