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Acne Balancing Serum

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Acne Balancing Serum is an advanced, lightweight acne serum that penetrates pores to reduce acne, allow skin to heal and prevent new pimples. This formula contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and hydrating ingredients to target pimples and redness. An innovative encapsulated salicylic acid (2%) exfoliates and cleans pores, while a superpower trio of hinokitiol, oligopeptide-10 and resveratrol decreases P. acnes bacteria and inflammation. Resveratrol, hinokitiol and tea extracts also provide antioxidant protection against free radical damage from the sun, pollution and inflammation. Honey, aloe and rice bran extract have soothing and moisturizing properties. Niacinamide and sodium hyaluronate work together to maintain skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier.



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