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What is a Therapeutic Massage?

A natural rejuvenator and the ultimate relaxation

A therapeutic massage is different from a relaxing massage as it specifically focuses on mobilization of soft tissue, including muscles, in order to restore normal function and relieve various forms of pain. Therapeutic massages target many musculoskeletal problems including injuries. Regular therapeutic massages help improve the functioning of circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems. Benefits of therapeutic massage therapy include the maintenance of good health, stress management, post-operative management and care, treatment of psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety, pain reduction and help with chronic pain.

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How it works

A therapeutic massage is done in a comfortable, relaxing massage room. An initial consultation will be completed and the actual massage takes approximately one hour. The patient will be asked to change into specified towels and lay face down on the massage table. Natural, high quality massage oils are used and the massage therapist works with their hands in a rhythmic, gentle, yet firm manner.. The therapist will massage the entire body, ensuring patient comfort at all times.


Frequently Asked Questions

The massage is not meant to be painful as this would counteract the therapeutic benefits from the massage.

Following a therapeutic massage, the patient is encouraged to drink a lot of water to help assist with the detoxification effects of the session.

Depending on the patient’s physical and/or mental condition, one therapeutic massage may provide benefit to the patient. However, it usually takes more than one session to see vast improvements in specific parts of the body, especially for chronic pain.

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