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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Unwanted hair does not have to stay

Do you suffer from unwanted hair that you just cannot seem to get rid of with shaving, waxing or threading? Medical Cosmetic Clinic offers a simple treatment, laser hair removal, that destroys unwanted hair follicles in a matter of a few short minutes. Laser hair removal has been widely practiced in clinics around the world since 1997 and is one of the most effective methods of both long-term and permanent hair removal. Laser involves a beam of light moving over the skin, targeting skin areas that are high in pigmentation and heating those areas to the point where the hair follicle becomes destroyed. This process inhibits hair growth and eventually leads to the loss of hair growth in the treated area.

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How it works

Laser Hair Removal works by having a strong beam of light placed on and around the affected skin area. The light is absorbed by areas of high pigmentation (where there is a lot of hair), as this transfers energy into heat. This heat then heats the hair and damages the follicle. Once the follicle is damaged, the hairs are unable to grow back. Since heat energy is better absorbed in areas that are higher in pigmentation, laser hair removal is most effective in individuals with fair, light skin who have dark, coarse hair. These individuals have much higher pigmentation and therefore absorb the most light energy and the hairs get heated the most.


Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly treated areas of Laser Hair Removal are underarms, pubic area, lip, chin, buttocks, thighs, face, neck, legs, chest and arms.

While the treatment itself is not painful, you may experience some discomfort depending on the areas treated. Pain is only caused when the laser bounces its light off of the skin and this will only last for a brief moment. Areas with more nerves and a greater sensitivity may feel more uncomfortable during Laser Hair Removal. If you are more sensitive to pain or feel discomfort during treatment, ask the technician to apply a topical numbing cream to the treated area.

There are very few risks following Laser Hair Removal. The most common side effects are an itching sensation, redness in the treated area, a tingling sensation or feelings of numbness around the hair follicles. These should not last for longer than 3-5 days following treatment.

Laser Hair Removal is highly reliable in its effects, however, results are variable. This means that different patients should expect to require different amounts of sessions depending on the amount of hair, hair colour, area being treated and skin tone. However, on average, most people need up to 10 sessions to see adequate relief.

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