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What is a Body Piercing

A body piercing is the process of piercing a hole in your skin for the purpose of placing a piece of jewellery there. The most common type of body piercing is in the earlobe. However, other parts of the ear are common, including the cartilage. Other common body areas that are often pierced include: the nose, eyebrows, tongue, lip, belly button, nipples and genitals

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How it works

A body piercing for the ear is done using a single-use piercing gun which has been properly sterilized. However, for all other parts of the body, a hollow needle is used to create a hole which will be used to insert jewellery into. The piercing will be done at our clinic by a trained professional who will sterilize their hands, along with the body area being pierced, the needle and the piece of jewellery going on your body.


Frequently Asked Questions

Pain tolerance varies from individual to individual, therefore what is deemed painful for one individual may not be painful for another person. However, for those interested in piercing their ears, the lobes tend to hurt less than the cartilage, and the least painful piercing tends to be the tongue.

Wash your brand new piercing with unscented soap and water twice a day. Furthermore, the originally jewellery placed in the pierced area is recommended to be left in for approximately three months before changing to another type of jewellery.

The healing time for piercings depends on which part of the body you are getting pierced. Some parts are more likely than others to get infected or have difficulties with healing. Earlobe piercings usually health in approximately 6-8 weeks. However, piercings such as the tongue and cartilage take anywhere between 4 months to 1 year.

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